Serving much of the East Coast and selected Gulf Coast sites since 1979, the firm strives to be creative as well as holistic in all projects.

Cairone & Kaupp's solutions successfully balance social and environmental contexts with the ability to effectively meet project goals and client expectations. Finding interest in any and all project types, our work spans many markets, scales and budgets. We have never labored under the assumption that we can provide all answers to every type of project challenge; this is why the firm's specific approach to problem solving has been directed towards the types of projects requiring comprehensive study and analysis with a look toward eventual successful implementation. It is our belief that all of our projects, as well as being creative, must be well suited to their context and purpose.


Project Types

  • Athletic facility planning and site design
  • Campus Planning
  • Cemetery Masterplanning and Site Design
  • Downtown/Urban Revitalization
  • Green Infrastructure Solutions
  • Housing and Neighborhood Development
  • Landscape restoration and Management
  • Parks and Playground Site Design
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • Region-specific planting design
  • Site Masterplanning
  • Urban Parks & Squares
  • Waterfront Parks & Promenades