Cairone and Kaupp, Incorporated was founded in Atlantic City, NJ in 1979 under the guiding principle that landscape architects and civil engineers could synthesize their common professional goals and values in the interest of providing truly integrated site design solutions.

This approach has resulted in an enduring collection of built works which presently spans 15 states and continues to serve a diverse list of public and private sector clients, including the Federal Government. Enabling this effort is our staff, a group of professionals whose blend of experience, skill sets and interests all complement and serve our mission. Invigorated by client interaction and consultant collaboration, we approach all of our work with four core values:

We employ a thoughtful process that promotes the development of environments that engage and inspire. This process results in the generation of unique design concepts, the ability to leverage constraints into opportunities, and the desire to optimize our clients' resources.

Our approach is to apply sustainable practices in dealing with our environment and client's resources. Through this approach, we strive for the highest value in our end product.

Since 1979, our firm has developed and maintained strong and valuable relationships. The success of our work will always be characterized by our desire to listen, respond and perform. Our clients are assured the full measure of our time and professional resources.

The consequences that our work has on every person, place or thing deserves recognition. We make a sincere effort to understand the client, as well as the environment and needs of the user groups which our works will eventually affect. Nothing is beneath consideration and response throughout all phases of the design process.