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Natural water bodies can be attractive park features for people and wildlife, but without proper protection and management healthy wetlands can quickly deteriorate. The ponds of Cape May County Park in Cape May County, New Jersey hold special significance within the community as a public park and picnicking area. In recent years, the ponds have fallen into poor health due to stormwater runoff from adjacent sites and issues with resident geese populations. Cairone & Kaupp, Inc. has teamed up with Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants to develop a plan to improve water quality by restoring native wet meadows and shoreline vegetation. The project also aims to improve the existing picnic grove with the addition of ADA accessible paths and a new overlook where visitors can take in views of the pond.


Improvements to the picnic grove include new ADA accessible paths, newly framed views from existing seating areas and a proposed shoreline overlook to present views of the beautifully restored ponds.

Restored native shoreline vegetation will reduce erosion, remove pollutants and deter destructive geese activity.



Cairone & Kaupp, Inc. (CKI) recently presented the Cooper River Gateway West Vision Plan to the Camden community, and local and state officials. The Vision Plan lays out a strategy for social, environmental and economic vitality of the river and surrounding neighborhood well into the future.


Characterized as an intimate New Jersey coastal plain stream, the Cooper River meanders through a series of Camden County municipalities and neighborhoods for almost 16 miles, eventually discharging into the Delaware River.



Offering the residents of Camden as well as potential visitors from the neighboring tri-state areas a rare opportunity to experience a water oriented, recreational, educational resource, all within walking distances of established neighborhoods, the Cooper River Gateway West can serve as a public open space model for urban centers to emulate.



Its fresh water tidal wetlands, tidal basin and unbroken stretches of river corridor offer compelling visual, was well as, physical experiences for visitors of all ages. In addition to its ecological and educational value, the Gateway West Vision will promote important and critical community wide transportation linkages including biking, jogging and strolling as part of the larger vision of the East Coast Greenway.